Fed Up Of Cotton Buds?

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Useful info

How to use Qtwists

Simply plug your Qtwists in then pull it out whilst twisting the Qtwists in a clockwise motion.

You'll find that Qtwists both cuts through tough wax and also retrieves it all. The tips are made from silicone and are flexible which grants you comfort when cleaning your ears.

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What's Included

Qtwists comes with:  

• Qtwists Wax Removal Tool

• 16 Spiral Soft Tip Heads

• Qtwists Manual

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Our Purpose

Qtwists main purpose is to make cleaning your ears simple, the way it should be. Qtwists has been engineered to cut through wax rather than pushing it towards the eardrum causing infection and hearing loss which is what cotton buds do.

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Customer Feedback

Thank god for Qtwists. I can honestly vouch for this item my range of hearing has enhanced by A lot!

Kelly P

Amazing Product. My hearing has improved so much, did not realise I had this much Ear Wax! 

Clint M

Best purchase of 2020 so far! Thanks to OfficialQtwists I hear much better now.

Mark J

Absolute steal! Price is great for such an item.

Patricia P

What a buy. Removes dirt that you never thought existed. It feels as if my ears have been revived

Shannon B

You can tell it has ergonomically designed as its handling was super easy, unlike an Cotton Buds.

Roxana B

Really convenient. Tips are easily de-attachable with hassle. Really happy with this purchase!

Samia R

Well Impressed. This will be my new way of cleaning my ears my now on! 

Rashid A